As of today @BelieveResourcingSA is APSO accredited. We couldn’t be happier. Having this accreditation means that we comply to all industry standards, giving you peace of mind!

Being an APSO accredited talent acquisition specialist for both perm and contract recruitment, Believe Resourcing SA has taken the necessary steps to stay ahead of the game.

APSO belongs to the Institute of Ethics South Africa.

“The aim of this Code is to set the standards by which members will achieve the highest principles of ethics,
equity, integrity, professional conduct and fair practice in all their professional dealings and to conduct their
business in a manner that will enhance the image and reputation of APSO and the Recruitment industry.”

“In the event that an individual experiences service, from an APSO member company, that they believe is contrary to these Codes, they have the right to recourse via the APSO ethics & compliance mechanism.”

APSO Code of Ethical & Professional Practice

All we want for our Candidates and Clients is for them to be happy. We want you to know that you are in good hands. Believe Resourcing will do what we can to ensure that you never have reason to doubt that. Having APSO on our side will hopefully show you how determined we are!

All the best,

Believe Resourcing

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