Believe will collaborate with Udacity and Accenture LearnVantage to Drive Growth Across Africa

Cape Town, South Africa – 2 July 2024 – Believe Resourcing, a dynamic force in global talent acquisition and comprehensive business solutions, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Udacity, part of Accenture, a pioneer in digital education. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in Believe Resourcing’s mission to expand their reach and impact across Africa.

Since its inception in 2017, Believe Resourcing has transformed from a recruitment agency into a full-service provider consisting of three core pillars—Staffing, Learning & Development, and Advisory—allowing them to deliver tailored support that meets the unique needs of a diverse clientele.

In addition, The Believe Hub offers career coaching, business coaching, and health and wellness seminars, ensuring that individuals and organisations remain competitive in a rapidly evolving marketplace. Meanwhile, Believe Advisory provides top-tier management consulting, Training and Development as well as HR services, helping businesses improve operational efficiency and productivity.

Accenture’s $1 billion investment in LearnVantage underscores the growing importance of upskilling and reskilling in the face of rapid technological change. With its AI-powered platform, deep industry expertise, and robust partner ecosystem, Accenture LearnVantage is poised to become a major player in the enterprise learning market, helping businesses across industries stay competitive in the age of AI.

The strategic partnership between Udacity and Believe Resourcing signals a proactive response to address the skills development challenges in Africa by providing role-based training that is globally recognised. Believe Resourcing plans on facilitating skills development among its customer and student base within Africa, with the specific aim of creating skilled, industry-ready professionals and fostering future job creation in the continent.

Angie Shamley, CEO of Believe Resourcing, expressed her enthusiasm for the new partnership: “This partnership is a huge milestone for us. Teaming up with Udacity, alongside Accenture LearnVantage, brings together top-notch digital education capabilities. This collaboration allows us to utilise our expertise and innovative solutions to tap into Africa’s vibrant talent and exciting business opportunities. Together, we can drive growth and really make a meaningful impact.

The partnership comes at a time when Believe Resourcing is already making strides in various sectors across multiple continents. This new venture will focus on unlocking further potential within Africa, bringing advanced recruitment technology and personalised service to new markets.



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