About believe resourcing

How we do things

“Using passion, heart, thoughtful and thorough research, a deep understanding of the needs for both our candidates and clients, and the latest Recruitment Technology and AI to create a positive and stress free recruitment experience.”

Our vision 

“To be the most loved and recommended specialists for successful talent acquisition on a global scale.” – And we are rapidly getting there. Believe Resourcing provides the perfect match between clients and candidates. 

“My approach is inspired by my mother; I grew up watching her build successful relationships and businesses in the recruitment field for almost 20 years, by treating candidates and clients as individuals, with empathy and with respect.

With this in mind, I founded Believe Resourcing to fill a need that I thought was desperately missing since she left the recruitment industry. I believe that every candidate is unique and similarly, no two clients are the same. Matching the right candidate to the right client and role requires a focused and tailored search to meet your individual needs.”

OUR Fearless Leader

Learn more about our Founder and Fearless Leader. You need a job or the right candidate? She’s got you covered.

angie shamley

Angie Shamley has a passion for people, proven with over 20 years of successful talent acquisition, both locally and on a global scale. Her goal is always to make a meaningful difference in the lives of candidates, as well as businesses, matching the ideal candidates to roles that were meant for them.
Believe Resourcing successfully places candidates in positions, remote and onsite, all over the globe.