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Job Title
Cloud & DevOps Engineer (AWS)
Employment Type
Full Time
5 to 6 years
Job Published
23 February 2022
Job Reference No.

Job Description

Client Introduction:

“We are a well-funded start-up, and in everything we do, we focus on empowering people to monitor and make informed health decisions proactively. We are simply bridging the gap in healthcare by taking privilege out of it using our patented solutions that allow you to manage your 360 degrees of care easily. We bring together the brightest minds to create disruptive technology solutions, helping our customers live healthier lives.

As our vision, we believe we are on the face of a digital world making access to healthcare and wellbeing accessible to all by making great user-centric products; we are not about to change.

Our mission is to provide healthcare equity by being the backbone of good health and wellness through innovative technologies for a new human-centric economy where the user controls their health because personal health and wellbeing have become the new currency.

This is a unique opportunity to join our growing team, build new products, and scale our systems to meet a >20x surge in demand during the next 12-18 months. We are truly a full-stack company, mobile, and cloud-first, with a great set of technical challenges to work on.”

Client values

  • User first, the rest will fall in place: "great " just doesn't cut it for us
  • Accessibility & simplicity: geological position should not restrict access care & information
  • Compassion: communicating with impact
  • CIA triangle badge: we ensure system confidentiality, integrity, and availability.
  • Innovation: change is inevitable; we embrace it through agility
  • Developing self & others drive result
  • "The Collaboration Dance " is our signature move

What do they do?

"Our product is a smart 'anywhere' health monitoring system that allows users to create and manage a 360 degree of their health data, allowing them to proactively monitor and make informed health decisions. Other healthcare tools are costly, complex, and intimidating, whilst ours is beautiful and simple, and our customers love it."

Why you should join them:

  • "We have promised to foster true innovation and create something enduring that can influence society by affording dignity to each person, regardless of social standing or background.
  • We define our digital voice as passionate, requiring self-expression, daring, Inspirational, challenging the status quo. Highly dedicated and achievement-oriented with a highly developed aesthetic
  • We are motivated by the idea of creating something new, unique, exciting, and innovative that will have meaning and endure value
  • We fear conforming, stagnation, familiarity, disenchantment, and mediocrity
  • Our goal is to help customers express or create and foster the best version of themself with dignity while using creative thinking to solve their problems
  • Our motto is "creativity take a challenge, do not copy, create"
  • We're on a mission to drive digital healthcare and wellbeing inclusion across Africa and disrupt traditional health monitoring and screening, and, in the process, define a new currency in health data.
  • We have successfully built and tested our disruptive technologies. We are at a point where we can extend this to South Africa and Africa as a whole
  • Currently, we operate from Johannesburg, with plans to scale across Africa, serving 1 million people by the end of 2023.
  • We are a well-funded start-up which now gives us a significant runway to scale our team and deploy our capabilities sooner.
  • You'll have the opportunity to use your expertise to shape the future of our products and drive our strategy to impact our success directly.
  • What we're doing has never been done before. You'll have the opportunity to use your expertise to shape the future of our product and drive our strategy to impact our success directly.

About you

Are you able to map out the cloud in the palm of your hand because you know it inside and out? Are you able to work with ambiguity/uncertainty and a willingness to try new/challenging things without constant guidance? You will deliver technical solutions using cutting-edge technologies and industry best practices to implement and administer cloud platforms Our Client. You will take ownership while promoting automation to solve technical challenges and strive to create elegant, reliable, and cost-effective solutions as a part of our delivery pipeline enablement. You will have the opportunity to define or invent cloud-native reference architectures for a variety of scenarios (e.g. Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Genomics, Analytics and Big Data, DevOps or Security).

If you have...

  • Experience in #cloud infrastructure design and development of detailed #architecture models to #host test, development, and #production environments
  • #Diploma, #Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, or equivalent
  • Experience #designing, #building, #refactoring or #operating large scale and impactful #IT projects - either on-premises or in the #cloud
  • Good experience in at least #one programming language (#JavaScript, #Typescript, #Python, #JavaScript, #Go,# .Net, #Java, etc.)
  • In-depth working knowledge in a technology domain such as distributed #internet-scale web or #mobile applications, #DevOps, Serverless, #Big Data, #Analytics, #Machine Learning, #highly secured workloads etc.
  • #2+ years of hands-on #AWS experience, a must
  • #5 years’ understanding of the concepts of #Cloud
  • #5+ years software or #infrastructure architecture experience #2+ years experience with #micro-services architecture
  • #CI/CD and #DevOps ie #4+ years of hands-on CI/CD experience a must. Bonus would be experience with #Bitrise, #CircleCI, #Fastlane, #Firebase Distribution, #Bitbucket, #Cloud IDEs, #environment administration experience
  • #2+ years of hands-on environment #management experience
  • 1+ Associate level certification in #AWS (including #AWS Certified Solutions Architect ) or have the knowledge, experience and willingness to get certified within a month of starting with Our Client
  • #Linux System Administration & #Bash scripting
  • #AWS Well-Architected Framework
  • #AWS CloudFormation and/or #Terraform
  • Introduce #DevSecOps culture and work with other teams to make sure this gets achieved
  • #Monitor Resources and #Log Analytics
  • #Web services, #API, #REST, #TCP/IP, #DNS, #HTTP and distributed networks experience
  • Database experience (#NoSQL) is a preference
  • Work experience in infrastructure, database and network administration for #highly available and #scalable applications
  • Have an awareness of #Agile / #Scrum methodologies or have worked in an Agile / Scrum team.
  • Lead the development of technical artefacts including Requirements #Traceability Matrix (RTM), #Detailed Technical Design, #Security Architecture Plan, #Services Description Document, etc.
  • #Plan and #develop support processes that adhere to best practices #(ITIL)

The recruitment process

Our hiring process shouldn’t be based on human judgement alone.

Infused assessments to run fair and objective test campaigns.

Reveal potential candidates’ abilities without bias so that our tech team is filled with diversity, boost creativity and cultivate innovation.

Shortlisted candidates:

1) Undergo a screening technical test (evaluate candidates’ coding skills with tech-friendly, hands-on programming tests)

2) A technical live test (developers to write, execute and debug code as part of our technical interview process)

3) In-person interview & offer if successful

4) 3-months-notice then permanent