Believe Resourcing SA is an official, registered, compliant and APSO certified PEA.

APSO: “APSO is dedicated to setting and promoting professional standards that will empower members to grow successful enterprises and deliver excellent service.”

Their Four Business Pillars on which they are driving Professionalism are:

  • Lobbying & Advocacy
  • Professional Development
  • Knowledge & Support
  • Ethics & Best Practice


What is a PEA Certificate?

This is a certificate issued to recruitment companies by the Department of Labour. The Private Employment Agency Certificate (PEA) is issued after the Department of Labour has conducted a site visit and should be renewed every 2 years, or when the business moves or makes any fundamental change.

All agencies offering private employment services for gain (fee-charging) must register with the Department of Labour, in terms of Skills Development Act, Section 24(1) – (4):

(1)      Any person who wishes to provide employment services for gain must apply for registration to the Director-General in the prescribed manner.

(2)      The Director-General must register the applicant if satisfied that the prescribed criteria have been met.

(3)      If the Director-General—

(a)      Registers an applicant, the prescribed certificate must be issued to the person; or

(b)      Refuses to register an applicant, the Director-General must give written notice if the decision to the applicant

(4)      A registered employment service must comply with the prescribed criteria.


In terms of Section 33(d) of the Skills Development Act, 1998, it is an offence for any person to keep or conduct an employment office for any person unless s/he is in possession of a Certificate of Registration issued under S24(3)(a) of the Act.